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Understanding Nuisance & Colorado Abatement Laws

According to Colorado laws, if you are convicted of certain crimes such as gambling or prostitution, you may be considered a public nuisance and thus have your property seized and sold. These laws ensure that criminals do not have access to the property they were using to conduct their criminal activity. Once arrested and convicted of a crime, the City and County will seize the property and take legal action to legally obtain the property and sell it.

There are specific crimes that fall into the public nuisance category, including:

While these laws can seem confusing, it is important to remember that an experienced Denver public nuisance lawyer can help. Call (303) 622-5559 or contact us online to speak with Attorney Michael Boyce today.

public nuisance charge

A public nuisance is a criminal wrong. An act or omission that obstructs, damages, or inconveniences the rights of a community amounts to a public nuisance. A common nuisance or a public nuisance is usually classified as a misdemeanor at common law.

How Can I Protect My Property?

After an arrest for an eligible crime, there will be a civil lawsuit placed against you in an attempt to obtain your property. In order to protect your property and avoid the items in question from being seized and sold, you need to call an experienced lawyer. An attorney on your side can help fight the lawsuits against you and potentially protect you from serious criminal charges.

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